What Features Of A Live Dealer Casinos Make You Appealing?

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There is no denying that the casinos provide you unlimited thrill and entertainment. Nowadays, you need not travel miles for visiting a land casino. You can experience a similar thrill and fun by sitting at your home. With an introduction of live dealer casinos more than a decade ago, the choice of playing live dealer casino at Cleebo or any such authentic online website is entirely your choice.

Authentic experience

The experience in playing at regular dealer games and online casino slightly differs. In the majority of online casino, you are welcomed by your name and the communication continues further as you play. You can type relevant matter and the dealer would reply you in person. As in a land casino, there are no random number generators (RNG), since you see the ball spinning around the roulette before landing on a number. You need not feel skeptical about the absence of RNG because you could see that every action is flashed in your presence, which assures you fairness in the game. Similarly, the cards are practically and physically shuffled.  


You will find that though the roulette, blackjack or baccarat are available at live dealer casinos, certain operators offer you beyond this. In addition to the special variants of these games, you can also find some additional choices viz., Casino Hold’em, Three Card Poker, etc.

You will find that there are exciting variants of the games too. You can expect high quality and unique experience while playing Impressive Roulette powered by Evolution Gaming. The multiple cameras enable you to observe the ball spinning and resting on a number in a slow motion and you can have a close-up action. Besides this, your experience practically doubles when you see multiple angles of the croupier. All this facilitated the game to grab the “Game of the Year” 2014 at the e-gaming review operators’ awards during 2014.  

Other Blackjack and Baccarat games

As a blackjack fan, probably you might know that there are very interesting variants like the Blackjack Switch, Surrender and Pontoon, which are not available under the live game section.  However, you can try your luck with classic version while playing with the real dealers. You will be able to try the side bets at certain live dealer casinos. You will be able to place extra bets, insurance bets and place a bet behind too. When you are playing blackjack table with a maximum of seven players, you can place the bet on the hand of another player. In the sense, there is no limit to a number of bets among all the players. The bets on live blackjack tables are higher compared to the regular versions. The combination of fantastic music and the entertaining dealer besides the hostess would make create the party atmosphere.

When you come to the Baccarat section of live casinos, you will have a smaller number of tables compared to the roulette and blackjack because of the low popularity level. Generally, the variant of baccarat you will find online is Punto Banco, where you have a choice for side bets and the big and small cards. If you are ready to play high stakes over GBP 10, your choice of live dealer casinos is also wide open.

Post Author: Donald Phillips