Tips for betting on college basketball

The way of betting on NCAA is much different than on NBA because everything from points in a game to points by one player differs. Gambling and sports betting are like two worlds because when you bet on sports you have statistics you can follow. Many people think you can’t make a profit or live with the money you earn, but there are many professional betters that are doing just that.

How to manage your bankroll and really earn a profit can be learned like every other thing, there are strategies you should follow. Maybe this year is when you are going to break the record of NCAAB picks for your score predictions. Discipline is a must when it comes to sports betting, so try to stay on your schedule until the end of the season.

Difference between other leagues

The thing with college basketball is that the bookmakers won’t put much effort into making the odds for every game, so they focus only on better teams. This can be an opportunity for you if you want to follow one team, and when they get a spot among better teams, you will know what they are capable of. Also, bookmakers are really busy at the time when NCAA starts because that is the middle season of NFL.

Not many people are interested in the early season of college basketball they only focus on it when it’s coming to end. This can be used because the odds can be variable, and you can catch them off hand and place a good bet. Information about the teams is going to help you the most in the early season. It is similar to the NBA preseason where coaches experiment new ways of playing, this can happen in the NCAA early season.

When it comes to playing time it is much different than with pros because you always have a new freshman in the team. This can be bad because even with stronger teams you will never know how much a player is going to be on the field like in the NBA. Rotations in pro leagues are already set, so you can expect what is going to happen.

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Betting locally

If you are a basketball fan, you probably know many teams and players in the NBA, but also locally. The thing about local teams is that you are surrounded with information about their progress. If the team is from your own school, everything you need to know is easy to get. When you have all the necessary information, your bets are going to be the best they can be.

You can focus on just a few players and learn about their style of play. This way, you won’t make many bets through the week, but when you do it is more likely that you will win. Betting on a local team can also be an advantage if you hear rumors about bad teamwork and unsatisfied players.

Favorites versus underdogs

Sometimes bookmakers overvalue the favorites, and those numbers are usually very high. If you can watch the game on TV, that will mean there are more bets being made and the outcome will be different than expected. When it comes to underdogs, there can be a huge difference in motivation when they play versus a high ranked team. And being on TV will also influence better plays. In these situations, you should bet on less points and handicap on the underdog.

The top 25 of college basketball changes quickly, so when you call someone an underdog that can change very fast. That is the perfect place to make right moves and predict when the underdog is going to rise up. Many people don’t know how small the gap is between a ranked team and unranked team.

Moving lines

The best way to make your bet more than 70% accurate is to watch the lines move and then determine which bet to make. Especially on college basketball bookmakers are making mistakes because it is hard to follow the teams with few pieces of information about them. That is a great opportunity to make your move, and when the lines change drastically you will know that is the time to bet.

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