The Rules and Regulations that govern the Bonus of the Casino Game

People who are familiar with the concept of online casino knows all about the idea of Bonus. The Bonus is something that you can earn if you get registered to the online casino gaming site or application. The Bonus can be collected while you play the games or you can also make by referring to your friends about the particular game. You can use those bonus as an alternative to your monetary deposit while you play the game. However, like all the process, Bonus policy of situs judi bola casino online is subject to specific terms and conditions. There are also some of the terms like Promotion Terms and the User Agreement that are used for the applicability of all that makes the game more and more transparent. So, according to the type of bonus, you can see the terms and conditions governing the judi casino slot online  from the below:

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Welcome Bonus:

  • Free Play is there for the Welcome Bonus. The Freeplay Bonus will help you to claim the whole 100 percent of your deposit money. Depending upon the currency it will be regulated. That means if you deposit 1000 Indonesian Rupiah as the deposit, then you will equally receive 1000 Indonesian Rupiah as free play bonus.
  • The welcome bonus is applicable only for new players and registrations.
  • You should have received any welcome bonus from another subsidiary website.
  • You need to make the minimum deposit that is applicable for the website.
  • If you receive the welcome bonus first, then you will never accept the welcome bonus from any other subsidiary.
  • Your Bonus will be deposited to your account. If you wish them to convert into monetary value than you need to use them for betting. After you win the game, your amount will be converted to the Bonus which will be directly deposited to your bank account or the medium of your transaction which you have mentioned.
  • Only one player for the same household will receive the welcome bonus.

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Other Bonus:

  • You need to wager the amount that you have deposited to your account. To withdraw your bonus amount with those things that are associated with the fund.
  • The bonus will get expired within the 90 days of the credit. Unless or until there is no any special promotional exception, you need to utilize all your reward within 90 days of their winning.
  • The serial number will utilize your Bonus. That means you first need to use bonus that you received two days ago and then you can use the gift that you received now.

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